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Our Drain Cleaning Services

A Groess Underground stands behind all of our work 100%. If it's not right, we will stop at nothing to make it right.

Whether it is slow drainage, total blockage or preventative maintenance, we provide cleaning and inspection of your drain lines. Some people will say "Rooter" but we are much more than that. Starting with steam flushing your kitchen line out to the city sewer main, we then inspect the condition of the line from either your sewer cleanout or by removing the toilet to access the sewer. Since the line is pre-flushed, we are able to see 100% of pipe surface and condition. Preparing a plan to maintain and service your sewer line can predict major defects in an important artery of your home. When Backups happen, we understand the costs incurred by the homeowner. We are a low cost alternative to being surprised when a major backup occurs. Think about what valuables and memories are sitting on your basement floor. Damage could happen at anytime and we want to prevent loss and additional costs.

High Pressure Flushing

Video Inspection/Line Locating

Root Cutting

Preventative Maintenance Flushing
Root Cutting to prevent backups
Intrusive Root Removal
High Pressure Flushing is a great way to regain your sewer capacity and efficiency. The best way to remove household grease, thaw frozen lines and prevent backup in all lines including restaurants/pubs, industrial, residential and municipal drains, Storm or sanitary, 1" and larger. We also excel in commercial buildings, restaurants and apartment/multi-family complex maintenance flushing. For these types of buildings, Preventative Maintenance is the most cost effective approach. Contact us to discuss a maintenance plan that will save you time, money and unnecessary hassle.

We provide Video Inspections for lines 2" and up to see the health of the line, pinpoint defects using line locating technology and ensure the possibility of backups remains low.  We can also aid in renovation/construction projects by tracing out where your line runs for tie-ins. With hundreds of KMs of lines inspected, we are qualified to produce accurate reports and deliver them on a computer friendly USB for easy viewing. Before you purchase a real estate property, have a video inspection completed on your sewer line. It could save you thousands of dollars on purchase price or in future repairs/insurance costs due to backups.

Using a Sewer Auger is important for your sewer line to fix and prevent backups caused by intrusive roots, built up paper products and clearing accidental construction materials entering the line like grout or wood particles.  Yearly root cutting packages are available to reduce the risk of backups while promoting maintenance. Call us today to inquire about our maintenance packages.  Do not wait until you have a sewer backup to maintain your sewer and drain lines. Make it a common practice as you would a furnace, hot water tank or roof.